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Companies like Kelloggs and General Mills knowingly put artificial food coloring in products and these colors have proven to be harmful to children. The sad part about this is that these harmful products are FDA approved even though the FDA admits to these products being harmful to children.

Investigators at the University of Southampton in the UK found that artificial food coloring, like Red40, which can be found in Apple Jacks, is directly linked to increased hyperactivity in children and can lead to ADHD. A separate study found that 8 percent of children living with ADHD may have behavioral issues tied to synthetic food colors and the FDA admits that there’s evidence that suggests some children may be sensitive to the ingredients like Red40.

I believe the barometer of a culture is how the culture treats children and looking deep into the food industry it’s failed our kids by bombarding young minds with advertisements to eat junk and making food look more appealing without providing proper nourishment. Over the past decade little progress has been made by bigger corporations like McDonald’s including apples in Happy Meals and Disney forcing advertisers to meet nutrition standard yet work still needs to be done.

We are fighting against big food corporations that have tons of money but we are willing and committed to providing breakfast alternatives to children with nothing artificial.

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